What our Merchants and Shoppers have to say about us:

"Monarch Market is a perfect place to shop for unique, handmade, vintage, and small batch finds. Knowing that my purchase supports a small business and effects a person and their family! ❤️ I will keep coming back... why not? Every time I go there is something different to see! 😍" - Heather D.

 "There are so many unique and wonderful products - I love how everything changes throughout the seasons as well. Thank you for a great shopping experience!" - Erin D.

"I can honestly attest to the fact that when you shop at this store, you will get the upmost care and service. Whether you are able to browse the store in person, or shopping the live Facebook sales from a distance, Marcie, Ashley and their crew will stop at nothing to make sure you are satisfied. I highly recommend stopping by the shop if you are able, I guarantee it will be worth your time, but if you are not local, don't be shy to order something you love from the live sales. My order was packaged and ready to go the next day, and they communicated with me every step of the way!! The best part, is unlike other franchise retailers, you will be the proud owner of something truly unique! What woman likes showing off something that 100 other people have? I sure don't! 1000 stars!" - Karen A.

 "So many great and unique items.. many vendors bringing their A game.. staff super helpful and very customer orientated! Love this place😍" - Leslie D.

"Easily the cutest store in the Dayton mall! With quality products and reasonable prices for their products." - Catie R.